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Avocado Arts + A Notion of Friendship

     Hey there friends! Today, I am sharing another cute project using Avocado Arts April set, Sew Nice Avocado Arts also sells coordinating digital die cuts for their stamp sets, meaning you no longer have to spend valuable crafting time cutting out teeny little images from cardstock; your favorite digital die cut machine does that for you! For today's card I used the Sew Nice set and coordinating digital die cut file.

I used the coordinating ric rac, spool, button card and needle from the Sew Nice digital die cut file. In my Silhouette SD software, I ungrouped the file, and enlarged the ric rac so I could have multiple lengths of ric rac patterned paper trim.

I then stamped the spool, button card and needle on the die cuts. After I wrapped some embroidery floss around the spool, I adhered the die cuts to the card base with foam tape, then the stamped the sentiment multiple times.

Well, that's it for me today. I am going out to with my dear hubby to celebrate our three year anniversary in the 90 degree sunshine at a nearby vineyard, then get side-by-side massages and finish the day with a delicious french cuisine dinner. 
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SEI + A Fun Clipboard and Pen set!

    Hey there friends! I'm here to share a really fun idea for up-cycling an item that you bought earlier, and have never gotten around to using!  The item I bought was a clipboard and pen set with a skateboarder on it. I had hopes of using it for another project, but alas I forgot about it-until now! I used SEI's Field Notes paper and embellishments to fancy it up!

Texture is always the perfect addition to any project. I like natural twine tied in a simple bow. It's the perfect finish without distracting from the design.  

Don't be afraid to repurpose an item. I bought this clipboard and pen set that came with a skateboard-themed notepad. But, then I found this butterfly tag-shaped notepad and instantly was inspired to use Field Notes! The paper pad and patterned paper worked perfectly together! 

After, I altered the clipboard the pen didn't match, so blue washi tape is the perfect solution. All you need to do wrap it around the pen and you're good to go! I would suggest wrapping the pen with the washi tape at an angle, you'll get a smoother look.

You'll want to make sure that whatever you add to the altered clipboard is flat-that way you can actually use it! Try playing around with your punches and notching patterned paper strips.

I always find it hard to perfectly fit paper to a protruding element like the clamp on the board. So, I turned the clipboard wrong side up and gently traced the clamp shape onto Sarsparilla. I then trimmed the Sarsparilla and adhere to clamp. There were some edges that didn't line up perfectly so I covered them with a die cut from The Sample Box

Well, that's it for me! Have a great day!


GCD's Paper Cut Magazine!

In case you hadn't heard (If that's even possible), GCD Studios has an awesome new magazine! Paper Cut is an online mag with great project ideas, sketches, tips and tricks for you to try and a ton of creative goodness. Check out the first issue here.

Avocado Arts + Something Special

        Hey there friends! Happy to he here sharing some fun from Avocado Arts' current set and a sneak preview from next month's set. One of Avocado Arts design goals is to create stamp designs that can be used with other sets. Coordinating size and style among the sets mean that you can make endless combinations with ease!
   Today's project is fun! I created a mini glassine gift envelope that can hold a special gift like jewelry or a gift card to give to a friend.

I love glassine bags because you see through the bag to the goodies inside, gift or card! Glassine bags can be used in a variety of stylish projects from vintage to clean and graphic.
You can stamp really nice images on glassine too! Just make sure to use a fast-drying ink like dye ink.

I stamped the dotted border with a stamp from next month's release. I then stamped and trimmed the adorable little tag from next month's set as're going to love love love May's release. The "happy" circle is actually from this month's release, Sew Nice and I thought it would look great with the polka dot border image.

You can pull out the backing of the gift envelope and write a personal message to the recipient on it. The flower and leaf images are also from next month's set. 
One of the things that I love about Avocado Arts stamps is that you can use BOTH sides of the stamp. The flower filled with color shows this technique. 

It's super easy to make this flower. 
1. Turn your stamp upside down and
 stick it to a clear block (so the flat side is up).
2. Apply ink.
3. Stamp on cardstock. 
4. Clean stamp and reapply stamp to clear base so it's now right-side up!
5. Apply ink to stamp and stamp over previously stamped image!

Well, that's it for me today. Make sure to visit my fabulous fellow Pit Crew to see more sneaky peeks of next month's set!


SEI + Fun and Fresh Card Trio

     Hey there friends!! Hahaha....I accidentally messed up the dates for the SEI project that I am sharing with you today!! Woops! So, if you visited my blog earlier this morning you may have gotten a sneak peak of what I'll be sharing on April 20th! My bad! But, I have something equally fun to share with you today featuring SEI's Vanilla Sunshine collection---a fun and fresh card trio with a matching case!
     The trio utilizes the Vanilla Sunshine Card 8.5"x11" paper pad with coordinating sentiment stickers. The sentiments that come with the paper pad are totally perfect and there's a wide variety to choose from. Paper comes in 8.5"x11" sheets, one sheet makes two standard size cards.
    When making a card set remember to create cards for different occasions. By making cards for different occasions the recipient is always ready with something!
    I wanted to focus on making cards that highlight homemade embellishments!  

If you wanted to sell a trio of cards or give this as a gift, it looks nice to present it package! Old packaging can be up-cycled for a new purpose. I used an old stamp container to create the card trio case.

The cards nestle inside this case so perfectly with room to spare which is a good thing to keep in mind when thinking of packaging. You don't want to jam a pretty gift in a box. 

A savvy designer knows that she should stretch her supplies by making her own embellishments! I am a huge fan of trying new things with basic products!
To make the banner for this card: Trim a dowel and cover with washi tape. Trim strips of patterned paper, notching ends and adhere to dowel. This card has gender neutral colors, a good thing to think about when invited to a shower and you have the gift, but no card.

To make the kites for this card: Create a kite template on cardstock and trim. Trace the kite onto patterned paper and trim. Trim kites into halves or quarters and adhere pieces together to create a "patchwork" kite. 

To make the flowers for this card: punch circles from patterned paper and fabric swatches, adhere together with foam tape. Adhere leaves to bottom of flower.

That's it for me! Have a great weekend.


Avocado Arts + Modern Chic Fun


        Hey there friends! Avocado Arts new set Sew Nice is sew cute! This set has a little bit of everything! A cute tag, fun stitched borders, flowers, needles and buttons with cute little sentiments that are a play on words. For today's card I paired the tag image from the Sew Nice with with a sentiment from the Wish For You set.

I masked the pattern on the tag and stamped it repeatedly off center on the card panel.


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SEI + Wall Hoop Decor Trio

        Hey there friends!! Spring is here! Next week is spring break from teaching, so not only will I be working on an online class for professional development (code for BLEH!) But, I'll be crafting, crafting and crafting all week long! YAY!! It's nice have uninterrupted time to create. Usually, I come home from work around 4 and have a couple hours to craft, and then I stop to cook (okay, attempt to cook) and then spend time with the hubby. 
     Today, I'm here to share a lovely home decor trio using SEI's Field Notes collection. The deep colors, lovely foil accents and dynamic patterns offer a plethora of project ideas. I explored the elements of texture, line and shape in this project.

Try to find new uses for common items. Embroidery hoops are trendy, easy to hang and come in a variety of sizes. Best of all you can change out the decor for different seasons or styles. 

To create the backdrop base for the hoop, trace around the outside of the larger hoop. Trim the circle a little bit larger than the traced circle. Trim small slits around the entire circle being careful not to go beyond the traced inner circle. Secure paper to hoop with a strong adhesive.
 Modeling paste creates some fun texture. Apply it with your finger tip to the patterned paper. Now, if you're like me, you'll not want to wait for it to dry. I sped up the drying process with my heat gun.

I enjoy combining a variety of colors, patterns and textures in my projects. This could look like a hot mess if I didn't incorporate a unifying element throughout the trio. 

I also used the elements of line and shape to unify the trio. Strong lines are evident in the ribbon and patterned paper strips that are on each hoop. Circles are seen in the shape of the hoops.
That's it for me today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Vintage Street Market + Two fun Projects

 Hey there friends!  A while back the lovely Michelle at Vintage Street Markeasked if I would like to guest design for them again and of course I replied with and enthusiastic "yes!" In case you are unfamiliar with this wonderful company, Vintage Street Markecreates lovely and beautiful vintage patterned paper,  embellishments and fibers, but also collects and kits vintage ephemera kits which are of unbelievable quality and inspiration! In my box I was given the Family Fun Paper Kit and the School Ephemera kit to play with. I came up with two fun projects, first up a Paper Doll Party Ensemble.

Paper Doll Party Ensemble
 This is a fun idea for a little girl or the grown up "girl" who wants to relive the nostalgia of paper dolls. I played with paper dolls as a child, and always enjoyed trimming the little outfits and accessories, which is probably why I love fussy-cutting so much. You can add whatever your party calls for, whether that be cupcake toppers or a bingo game! 

 Don't forget to decorate the outside of the bag to "hide" the goodies inside!

The kit contains a family of "paper dolls" and matching accessories and clothes! The paper dolls fit perfectly in a vintage glassine bag, which is the perfect way to keep track of all the little bits and pieces of this party favor. Make sure to use larger glassine bags for the mom and dad paper doll.

 Make your own vintagey embellishments! This patchwork scalloped circle is super simple. Punch patterned paper into scalloped circles with a punch, trim and adhere together. The paper in this kit is perfect for this embellishment because on one side of each paper, there are fabulous patterns in pretty girl colors.

 Simple shapes like stars and circles complement the great patterns of the boy patterned paper in this pack.

This is so simple and fun to make. The best part is that each invitation will be slightly different. The kit includes a sheet of envelope templates. Simply trim an envelope and assemble. Create an itty bitty invitation inside and  decorate with scallop patchwork circles. Include a little doll to get party-goers in the mood for little girl fun!

These are perfect to place at each table setting! The little dolls come from the patterned paper backing of the kit! Don't be afraid to use the product packaging. In this case, the packaging is thick, so the doll stands up perfectly!

 The base is a wooden vintage spool that I found at an antique store (I literally bought every spool they had!). The gorgeous Vintage Street Marketwine is totally perfect for this project. Cover the spool by wrapping the pretty twine around the base, then trim a strip of patterned paper to fit around the center of base an adhere. Fussy cut a tag from the packaging the twine comes and affix to a skewer. Add a flowy twine boy to the tag. The cute little dolls come from the back of the kit's packaging.

Vintage School Notebook with Journaling Pages
I created the cover by adhering two vintage flashcards together. The cards are thick and smooth, which provide a PERFECT base! Since the numbers on the cards are pretty bold, you can decorate the cover simply and with fresh, bright colors and trinkets found in the kit.

I love layering! This focal point of layered objects come from the kit and were a fun surprise! I didn't even know they were in the cute little 3d school bus! When I took everything out of the bag, I could hear all the little goodies in there and the nostalgic items I found were a yoyo flower, wooden ice cream spoon, game pawn, bingo chips, scrabble tiles and a wooden "dog" bead, raffle tickets and buttons! YIPPEE! Some of those treasures grace the cover.

 I love it when journaling pages "peek" through the cover.

This fun fun fun kit came with a creamy page of cardstock, which I was thrilled about, so I used it as a base for the pages. I also "stitched" the twine on the side alternating the aqua and red--love those colors. The bottom border are simple raffle tickets with letter ephemera.

This kit comes with the coolest vintage writing, phonetic and word list worksheets ever! I punched stars from one of them and used the bingo chips to "embellish" the stars. They're layered on a trimmed strip word list.

 Oooooh, I just love BANNERS!! So, I trimmed banners and pennants from the vintage writing, phonetic and word list worksheets included in the kit and adhered them with different foam tapes for the banner, threading the wooden dog bead to the twine. I then adhered the cardstock and a strip of letters paper to the bingo journaling card, so the card could support the weight of the wooden bead.

The kit includes that fun double lined paper. They're very thin, so simple strips of vintage writing, phonetic and word list worksheets were adhered to the top and bottom. So much cuteness.

Well, that's it for me! It was a joy working with the products! Make sure to check out Vintage Street Market!

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