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Christmas Cards with Park Ave Card kit

Hello there! I love the Christmas season. All the festive trimmings, the decor of sparkly ornaments and lush ribbons, people in the spirit of giving, Hallmark movies and even the snowy bluster of the season, but maybe that's because I don't live in an area with snow. 

In the spirit of the season I created a trendy and  simple Christmas card and matching envelope with Studio Calico's Park Ave card kit. The card was so easy to make that you could easily replicate them for mass Christmas card making. All you'll need is the kit, cardstock, Studio Calico Christmas tree veneers and tinsel glitter (plus your favorite ink color combination).
First I stamped a cityscape with the stamp set included in the card kit, alternating ink colors. I then trimmed the sentiment masking tape to create a festive sentiment strip of the same scale. I added a bit of gold trim and affixed a sentiment banner with foam tape to the card.
To give the city scape a festive holiday feel, I added some veneer Christmas trees and a light dusting of tinsel glitter on the rooftops of the buildings.
To create the matching envelope, I stamped the buildings on both edges of the envelope, leaving room to write the address, and added a few wood veneer trees. If you mail the envelopes rather than hand-delivering, you may want to not affix the veneers, but with a little extra postage and some strong adhesive you can mail the envelopes with the cute trees.
I think these cards would be fun to make and send, even personalizing them by switching up the ink colors used for the buildings. How would you add your own touch to your Christmas cards to make each one unique?

Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Special Thanks Blog Hop

Welcome to the farewell Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Special Thanks Blog Hop. You've probably just arrived from Jeanne Jachna's blog.

I never thought this day would come, that the day to say goodbye to such an endearing and beloved magazine and family would ever be a reality. For so many women, this magazine  has made such an impact on our lives. We found confidence in it's pages, beauty in it's design and love in the friendships that were fostered through it. 

My journey with Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine started in 2004 shortly after the magazine began. At the time I was in college, and my mom found it and thought I'd like to read it, so she bought me a subscription. I had always had an interest in crafting, sewing and paper, and I soon  loved reading the magazine on the shuttle ride to school, collecting issues for inspiration. Some of the biggest names in the industry found their start on the pages of Paper Crafts magazine. And, one day I too would find my own creations on these pages as well.

Fast forward five years later to being a newlywed on summer break from school. My husband encouraged me to take up a hobby to fill my summers off from teaching, so I began scrapping our wedding album. As I made some simple layouts that were characteristic of that time, I remembered all the cool cards and paper-crafted projects I used to look at in a magazine that I had been subscribing to since 2004. So, I decided to visit PC's website, and took a look at their submission calls. New to submitting, I had no idea what I was doing. I crafted a few cards with brads, decorative edge scissors, patterned paper and some simple stamps that I had laying around in a craft drawer, took some pictures and sent them in. 

I wasn't too surprised that they weren't picked up, but the submission bug had just hit me. A few days later, I checked their site again and saw a new call for a special Card Creations issue, which has a lot more general card categories. I printed the call out, took it to my local scrapbook store, and perused the aisles. After purchasing some a lot of crafting goodies, I went home, crafted and submitted. 

A few days later I received an email from the magazine. From someone important. Someone special. Everyone's favorite puffy heart editor, the beautiful Susan Opel. I couldn't believe it! I had to read the email three times before I grasped that two of my very own cards were going to be in the magazine!! I was still in bed at the time reading this, and my squealing woke up Mr. Emily (as Susan calls my husband), and he too was excited for me!

That was the beginning of my love affair with paper crafting. From then on I was crafting every day, and even on weekends. I was pouring over issues, reading blogs, following the latest trends and reading manufacturers sites. Paper Crafts magazine gave me such joy. I loved coming home every day from work and being creative, I loved the challenge of trying to use my tools in a new way, crafting with unusual materials, using new stamp techniques, but most of all--the friendship between Susan and I, and I and other crafters. 

You see, Paper Crafts Magazine wasn't just some paper magazine with pictures of pretty projects and advertisements, while--yes, the projects were phenomenal and clever, the columns were inspiring and trend-setting, it was the people at Paper Crafts that made it so special. Paper Crafts Magazine was a staple of all that women love; friendships, fun and beauty. Paper Crafts Magazine brought people together, from all over the country and even, the world. Paper Crafts Magazine created a sense of belonging for people like me who loved to make beautiful crafts and share that love with others.

After a while of submitting and meeting new online friends, I began to hear about this tradeshow called CHA. I didn't know much about it, but from what I had heard it sounded amazing. Meeting up with other crafters, being given a chance to see the newest product before it hits stores, and hanging out with my crafting friends on a fun-filled weekend in So. Cal--sign me up!! IT. DIDN'T. DISSAPOINT.

Not only did I love seeing the product, the amazing projects and being in the thick of all things crafty, I got to meet the Paper Crafts family….a group of women that I felt I knew already. We laughed, shared funny stories and enjoyed each other's company….trips to CHA with my paper-crafting friends were some of the happiest times in my life. Had it not been for Paper Crafts Magazine, I may have never met these women; what a sad thought indeed. 

Paper Crafts Magazine, this hop is for you. This hop is to recognize how many lives you have touched, how many women found acceptance in your hobby, how many crafters found inspiration in your pages, and how many friendships were created and still last because of this magazine we call Paper Crafts. Even though the magazine is coming to an end, it's not the end of something more important--the bonds of friendship that were forged around tables of crafters, eating, laughing and sharing in life. Love. And Paper.

Paper Crafts Magazine. This hop is for you. We love you…Forever.

In honor of the beautiful people who make Paper Crafts Magazine the incredible community it is: Jennifer, Kerri, Stacey, Susan, Holly and Matt, I made a card because you are all my favorites! The editorial content and design of the magazine shows your love and attention to this beloved magazine. You are all gems!

It just seems fitting to make a card with gold, because Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking is the gold standard of paper crafting. 

And, now for the hard part--now for the final goodbye. I'm crying as I type this. I feel such a sense of loss as I come to the realization that Paper Crafts Magazine is closing its publication doors. 
No more supply lists saved on my computer. 
No more printing out acceptance forms. 
No more mailing boxes of cards. 
No more issues to look forward to reading. 
No more blog challenges, blog hops and publication calls, 
No more fun meet and greets at the Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking CHA booth….

it's all come to an end. Please know, that I have grown so much as a crafter because of you all, and I have developed a life-long love of paper crafting because. My prayers and thoughts will be with you as you embark on you embark on new paths, and say goodbye to one another. I can't even imagine what you're experiencing.

With all my puffy heart love….goodbye Paper Crafts Magazine. 

Your next stop on the Goodbye Hop is Anja Bytyqi. Thanks for stopping by!
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