Image Map


|1|  Gather your materials, including the Chalkboard sign set.

|2|  Mask the part of the sentiment that you don't want to include with washi tape.

|3|  Ink stamp with  Dandelion Ink pad.

|4|  Ink middle of stamp with Tangelo Ink pad.

|5|  Ink the last remaining part of stamp with Bubblegum Ink pad.

|6|  Remove tape and stamp card.

|1|  Position your stamp flip-side on your acrylic block, so the flat side is facing up.

|2|  Mix equal parts blue and white paint until you obtain the color you like.

|3|  Apply paint with brush to the flip side of the stamp.

|4|  Stamp image on cardstock.

|5|  Flip stamp over and stamp image with dye ink on cardstock.

|1|  Gather your supplies. Because, this month's them is stationery, I am using Special Delivery. I also chose watermark ink, and clear embossing powder along with a fine glitter.

|2|  Add equal parts of glitter and embossing powder in a small bowl.

|3|  Mix the glitter and embossing powder thoroughly.

|4|  Stamp the envelopes with watermark ink. Immediately add glitter and embossing powder mix, and heat set.

|5|  Brush off excess glitter with a q-tip.

|1| Cut coupon pages from cardstock.

|2| Print your coupons on vellum. Trim to fit cardstock page. 

|3| Stamp cakecake standtelephone and coffee cup offset so that only part of the image is showing on the coupon page.

|4| Trim vellum with decorative edge scissors and position on coupon page.

|5| To make perforated coupon, stitch vellum coupon to page with sewing machine.

|6| Mat coupon page with patterned paper.

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