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Designs for my wedding

My husband and I were married in the Spring of 2009 which afforded us many design ideas for a season where nature was blooming, and the sky was clear and bright.

Being the artist that I am I deliberated greatly over the theme of our wedding, and finally decided that Branches would be ideal, as my soon-to-be husband's last name was Branch. I also incorporated birds and cherry blossoms into the theme to reinforce the season of spring where trees are blossoming.

I then developed a color scheme of pink and brown and included various tints of pink to a very dark, bold tone of brown for a strong contrast. Many of the paper used in my designs for the wedding were patterned with those tints and tones.

Centerpieces for the table were long, cylindrical vases with cherry blossom branches. Strung from the branches were paper-crafted ornaments that showcase pictures of my husband and I growing up. Also strung from the cherry blossoms were beautiful crystals. Paper-crafted frames graced the site and showcased our Engagement photos using crackled paint techniques, with torn patterned paper, floral embellishments, rhinestones & ribbons.

Favors were little pink birds nestled atop a brown box that hid a delicious chocolate egg that wished the guests a "Bon Appetweet."

However, the highlight of the designs were the wedding cake that re-inforced the cherry blosssom & branch theme, with a hand-crafted "B" cake topper.

Cake by Flower Flour, San Jose, Ca
Photography by Living Faith Photography, Stephen & Angela Cruz

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