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Winning Design for Go-To Gals Design Challenge!

I am sooo thrilled and excited! I had the worst day ever!! I missed a VERY important phone call, and then found out that the shoes I needed for a wedding I am in for a dear friend have become completely unavailable.

In a sad and dejected mess of crying, tears and utter frustration, my precious husband goes to find perfect replacement heels, and while doing so locates the EXACT heel at a store in a nearby city to ours, and places them on hold.

Later tonight I check my blog (as I haven't posted my most recent creations in a few days--don't worry, I have designs to show!) and I find out that I have won the first "Go-To Gals" design challenge with my favorite designer from my favorite magazine, "Paper Crafts." I cannot begin to tell you how totally excited I was!! I ran downstairs breathless with joy that I had won!!! I have been submitting my work for publication to this magazine, and won with my favorite designer!!!

Here is a link to the winning announcement! The beautiful Mother's Day card was part of the Go-To Gals Design Challenge!!!

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