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After CHA Winter 2011-Day 1

Hey there everyone! Today starts the first of my After CHA Winter 2011 posts!  all this week I am going to share one NEW thing with you each day that I found atCHA that I LOVED and hopefully it will be NEW to you TOO!! It may be a product, a trend or something creative. Stay tuned because I want to SHARE with all my lovely crafting ladies fun, affordable goodies that YOU WILL LOVE.

So, I'm going to share with you the gloriousness that is Vintage Street Market is a new online store that sells traditional ephemera from the 1950's-TRUE vintage, not shabby chic....YES, there IS A DIFFERENCE, particularly the colors are bolder, brighter and more playful than vintage, not as worn or distressed and usually create a nostalgia in you from your childhood.

They debuted two new lines at CHA! The fabulous part of their new lines, is NOT only can you use it for scrapping, card-making and altered art, but ALSO as WRAPPING PAPER!!!!!! I am going to share with you one line, and you will have join their blog to learn about their other BEAUTIFUL and UTTERLY fantastic line!
As a fan of gift wrap and former Macy's gift wrapper, I was DROOLING over this! 

In the kit comes FUN prints, foil and crepe paper!

 To accomplish the ability of being used as wrapping paper the paper comes in LOOONG strips, so you can use it as wrapping paper!

BEST yet, you can use the labels and included embellies as TAGS for your GIFT WRAPPING, or use it for card-making, scrapping and projects.

The paper, specialty paper and embellies fit PERFECTLY into their ADORABLE and USABLE packaging!

You can buy this totally ADORABLE line when it debuts at Vintage Street Market

See ya tomorrow for another fabulous find from CHA!


  1. REALLY?!? Do you feel AT ALL bad that you are there without me??? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Looks like you're finding treasures! LOL!

  2. Looks like something I will have to have! Can't wait to see what other goodies you find! :)


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