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CHA Winter 2011 Here I come!!

Hey there!!! I am SOOOO thrilled!! I was planning on going to CHA with a local scrapbook store, and it fell through. I was sooo bummed because I wanted to see all the new lines, visit my FAVORITE manufacturers and meet fabulous designers, and my favorite editor, Susan Opel.

Well, when I told her that we may not be able to meet in person, the dear and wonderfully marvelous person that she is worked some magic to get me into CHA by helping out in a booth with Glue Arts . Julia from Glue Arts has been soooo sweet in helping me make it to CHA!!

So, while my hubby is traveling to D.C. 100% of the time, I can indulge in my joy of paper-crafting with other enthusiasts.

I just booked my flight, but I would like to find a fabulous paper-crafting gal or gals who would like to room together to share costs and this fabulous experience. If any of your are looking for one more roomie, I am clean, fun, spunky and organized! See ya CHA!


  1. So kewl Emily! Have fun!

  2. How exciting! I'd love to get to go to CHA at least once, just to experience it. I think you'll have a fantastic time!

    Congratulations, too, on the Best Creation design team gig!

  3. How fabulous! Wish I could go to CHA to meet people like you :( Enjoy!


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