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After CHA Winter Week-Day 3

Hey there everyone! Today is the third day of sharing my favorites from CHA Winter 2011 posts! All this week I am going to share one NEW thing with you each day that I found at CHA that I LOVED and hopefully it will be NEW to you TOO!! It may be a product, a trend or something creative. Stay tuned because I want to SHARE with all my lovely crafting ladies fun, affordable goodies that YOU WILL LOVE.

Today's find is from the wonderful Maya Road creators of AMAZING chipboard, ribbons  of and yummy alterables!  I simply love all things Maya including my fabulous friends who designs for them, the lovely Jenny Chesnick make sure to check her stuff out it's  TERRIFIC!! Without further's some new goodies from them that are sure to be WAY popular with endless possibilities! 

Oh my my my!! These chipboard silhouettes are SOOO perfect!! 
OOh the possibilities!!
 Spools, spools and some more spools. You could add them to 
together to make a banner, touch up a shadow box with them, create a 
many ideas!
 ZIPPER RIBBON!!!!!!! Nuff said! FINALLY!!! I have been buying them at 
Joann's and pulling them apart, and now I don't have to do that anymore!
Look at all the pretty zipper ribbon colors!
YUMMY layered Cameos. I can't wait to paint these and spray them!!!!
And, finally some Silhouette stamps!!

Stay tuned for some sneak peaks from Jenni Bowlin tomorrow

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  1. Emily,
    Thanks for sharing these images. I adore everything. I love the zipper ribbon idea. Moxie fab did a challenge with zippers a few weeks back and I saw some of this and got all geeked up! LOL!


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