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How I spent Easter Morning as a kidlet

  Hey Everyone!! Happy Monday to you!! Best Creation wanted to know how we spent Easter with our family. Since I don't have any kiddos of my own, and my hubby was stuck in DC over Easter I made a page sharing what my mom did for us kids when we were little. 
  Every Easter morning, we'd wake up and run downstairs into the kitchen eager to find the first clue! The clues would eventually lead us to our easter baskets filled with delicious, pastel and buttercream eggs, Cadbury eggs, little chocolate eggs with dinosaurs inside, eggs with Spring scenes and little toy treasures. My brother and I would race to each new location to find a new when we figured out where to go from the last! Here's the layout I created showcasing "The Hunt"

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  1. LOVE reading about your Easter morning fun as a child! I remember only one was when I was 7. I remember being upset because I couldn't find my basket, but could find my brothers' baskets. And we each got a special gift which was hidden in another spot. That year--my gift (earrings) were hidden in a stool...never thought about looking there! LOL!

    Great LO!! Love all the layers and the beautiful Easter colors! LOVE those letters! FUN!!!! You rock:)


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