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Ornament + Mini Vintage Spool

 Hey there! I haven't posted on a saturday in a long time. If you were at Scrapbook Island's Open House today you may have seen this adorable vintage spool ornament, and you may have wanted to make one or a few as gifts. They're so easy!
   First you'll need to gather the materials.....many can be purchased at Scrapbook Island.

-Epiphany Crafts Scalloped Metal setting
-White glue and hot glue
-20 gauge wire
-White shank button 
-Two pearls

1. Trim patterned paper and adhere to spool.
2. Apply glue to top and and bottom rim of spool. Affix glitter. Let dry.
3. Set Round 14 in scallop setting and set aside.
4. Trim 7" of wire, thread through spool and into shank button near end and pull up into loop back towards the spool's center.
 Affix a little glue to shank and pull wire up towards the top of the spool. Let dry.
5. Thread pearls onto wire at top of spool.
6. Bend wire as shown.
7. Trim sentiment from patterned paper. Adhere sentiment and vintage setting to spool ornament.


  1. OHHH! This vintage mini spool is SOOOOO beautiful! I LOVE that charm and that glitter!!! GORGEOUS, Em!

  2. Thanks for sharing with Claudia and I at the Island on how to make these adorable ornaments!


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