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Epiphany Crafts + A Masculine Valentine's Day Card

     Let's face it ladies, it's a lot easier to make cards for our girlfriends than it is to make cards for our men! You always have more patterned paper that works and all the pretty little ribbons, trims, punches and stamps. But, today you will no longer be stumped. At the Epiphany Crafts blog you're going to see some great ideas for how to make a masculine-theme Valentine's Day card, and I am going to share one with you and some tips for what makes a manly card, well uh...MANLY.

   First off, no flowers! Seriously! Men buy us flowers and vice versa. There are other motifs out there besides flowers! Think automobile, leaves, branches, sports! Second, no pink! Men do not do pink, unless it's for Breast Cancer month. Blue works, green too! But, don't be afraid to mix in neutrals like warm reds,dark browns and earthy greens. And, finally....hold off on the embellies that scream, "GIRL!" Border punches are fine---but, think gender neutral, such as pinking sheers, crest punch, even a notebook edge punch. So, with those tips in mind, meet my Masculine card (note: card approved by hubby.....also, card will be given to hubby)
   That's it for me today, but make sure to check out the Epiphany Crafts blog  for more ideas!


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