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SEI + Java Jackets!

     Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful New Years and that you made some fun new crafty goals for 2012, like being inspired by SEI paper and products, trying new techniques featured on SEI Lifestyle, and continue being the crafty diva that you already are!
  Today I'm going to share a fun winter project you can make that's easy, affordable and fun! The only non-scrapbooking product you'll need is a java jacket to be used as a template. Here are the simple and fun steps to design a java jacket.
1. Gently un-adhere a java jacket by 
pulling apart at the seam.
2. Trace the shape onto patterned paper and trim.
3. Adhere patterned paper to java jacket, embellish 
adhere edges together with a strong adhesive.

  Add small areas of glitter to create a "snowy" effect! Adding glitter in small areas making sure that you don't over-power other elements of your project!

To make sure the trimmed paper fits the sleeve perfectly, score the folds of the original sleeve onto the patterned paper, then adhere to the cardboard java jacket.


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  1. Just left you some love over on the SEI blog--LOVE these java jackets! SOOOOO clever:) LOVE YA!


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