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Avocado Arts + A Little Springtime Stitching

        Hey there friends! I'm here today with the whole Pit Crew to share a sneak peek of next month's set! Sneak peek cards are my FAVORITE because Avocado Arts designs their sets so that you can interchange stamps from different sets to work together! 
   Next month's set is one that you're going to love, and the minute I saw this flower I knew that I wanted to do something fun with stitching the stamp image.

The flower image is dotted to look like a stitched image. I just pierced hole and stitched the petals! I love the texture of stitching on cards! Plus, this sentiment is my favorite! I just can't get enough of it!

Hope you like this card! Make sure to visit my fabulous fellow Pit Crew to see more sneaky peeks of next month's set!

Latisha Yoast



  1. What a striking card! I love it :)

  2. I love this stitched rose. So pretty and congrats on joining our team. I'm so excited to have you on the team :)

  3. AMAZING! I love that paper--and your stitching is FAB! Trav said that it was some intense stitching! LOL! LOVE:)


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