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DIY Winter Home Decor: Snow Globes

Okay, so maybe in other states they have weather. Seven degrees, layers of clothing type of weather. But, here in California, when it turns 60 degrees, we put on our Uggs and tie our scarves around our necks! What can I say? It doesn't snow and were pretty wimpy when it comes to cold! That's why we live in California. So, I'll pretend that it's super winter.

But, the dream of cold, snowy and wintery fun inspired today's project, which I gave to my husband for his desk at work.
This project is super easy to make! All you need is:

|SNOWGLOBE| I got my snow globe at Urban Outfitters. Look for a snow globe that has a screw-on bottom that can be taken off. You also want to make sure it has a slit to insert the photos. A foam insert came with mine which made the photo stand up nicely.

|PHOTO| Choose a nice photo that is okay to display anywhere. My husband and I had our photos taken by our sweet friend, Rahel Menig , an incredibly talented photographer. Choose a photo with out too much detail, which you won't see too much of.

|PATTERNED PAPER| I love the Mirelle collection from SEI. It combines the deep colors of teal, green and eggplant with bold graphics, which work perfectly for this project! I also included some of the fabulous Mirelle die cuts.

This is super duper simple to make, a perfect gift for a wedding attendant, a friend or something crafty to decorate your desk with.

|1| Open globe and twist off bottom cap. Remove the inside packaging to use as a template.

|2| Trace shape of the globe using the template around the parts of the photo that you want to include. Trace template onto Trinkets paper and trim photo and patterned paper.

|3| Embellish the front and back of snow globe as you like. Screw bottom back on!

I hope you give this project a try! Who would you give your snow globe gift to?


  1. Lee-Ann, thank you so much for the sweet words!

  2. Awe, Miriam THANK YOU!! Getting your prize ready to send!


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