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SEI + Wintery Home Decor

     Hey there friends! The holiday season may be over, you may have tucked all you trims, ornaments and decor away in the attic, but your house doesn't have to bare of all wintery fun! You can make a fun winter home decor piece like today's home decor project that showcases paper from SEI's Berry Melody collection and keep your home festive in the cold, snowy months.

 There are two things you'll need to do to make this home decor piece; paint and prepare the base, and trim and embellish the letters. To start with I painted the base and letters white, and set aside to dry. After they're both dry, I affixed tape around the base edge, cut a block of paper from the Berry Melody 12"x12" assortment pack and adhered it to the top of the base. Afterwords, I traced SNOW onto the back of Frosty Peep, cut it out and adhered it to the letters.

After I covered the SNOW letters, I adhered the word SNOW to the base. I added glue the base and top of the letters, poured glitter over it and let dry to create a "blanket of snow. Next I punched snowflakes in two sizes from Twinkling Chirp and paper in the 12" x 12" assortment pack, adhered them together with foam tape, bent upwards and added a pearl to the center. Add the snowflakes anywhere you like!

There are lots of great patterned paper options for wintery home decor in the Berry Melody 12" x 12" assortment pack. Get yours today!

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  1. I adhered the word SNOW to the base. diy cozy home I added glue the base and top of the letters,


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