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Flip Stamping with Paint

Are there stamping trends you wish you jumped on the bandwagon for? Feeling a little left behind? I know that there was a wagon, I missed it long ago--a wagon that tons of fellow crafters followed off into the distance. What's this wagon I speak of? Oh, the wagon of Copic marker coloring. I mean, I totally get the appeal of coloring and shading (heck, I teach art to kids all day), but I never really took to it. Now, I kinda wish I did, since stamping and Copics go so well together, kinda like peanut butter and jelly.

Well, today is my second chance. Just like the post above, today's post will share a new simple stamping technique for, that you're definitely going to want to try. A new technique that will add the beautiful color that all stampers LOVE! Even better, I teamed up with Sweet Stamp Shop to bring you this fabulous technique. Sweet Stamp Shop offers hand drawn images, along with contemporary and trendy designs for an array of stamper styles, so you're sure to find something that you'll love.
Today's card features the Nesting set from the February release. I also pulled out Sweet Victoria  because  I love the flowers, and they seem to tie in well with the folk art feel of this set. Russian nesting dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls, are traditional folk art items that follow a theme. The dolls range in size, and "nest" in one another, usually you'll find a little baby in the center! I'm not Russian, but I do remember collecting Matryoshka dolls, and lining them up on a shelf, so I was thrilled to stamp with this set.

Because nesting dolls are Russian folk art, I thought mixing them with the roses would look nice, plus it's the perfect set for showing you a great technique known as flip stamping. I love this technique because I can not only add pops of color (much like the genius Copic colorers), but I get to add it with paint!
The Nesting dolls in this set are super cute, and they're not overly embellished with designs, so you can combine this set with another set, like I did, and come up with a great design. I like that the flowers work really well in drawing your eye to the nesting doll, without being too busy.

Now, for the fun part! Hope you try this technique out!

SUPPLIES: Sweet Victoria | Nesting Set | Acrylic paint | Brush

|1|  Position your stamp flip-side on your acrylic block, so the flat side is facing up.

|2|  Mix equal parts blue and white paint until you obtain the color you like.

|3|  Apply paint with brush to the flip side of the stamp.

|4|  Stamp image on cardstock.

|5|  Flip stamp over and stamp image with dye ink on cardstock.

Super easy, right? If you're not a Copic colorer, or you're like me, and just don't have the time to spend coloring in all the little details, any new technique to add color is welcome! Other than coloring, what ways do you add color to your stamped projects?


  1. Thank you for sharing your step-by-step tutorial for this project...such a sweet card, too!

    1. Barb, you are the bestest reader going through all three posts!!! I hope you try this tutorial out--it's so easy and Sweet Stamp Shops work PERFECTLY for it!

  2. A very card and I love those dolls, thank for the tutorial.

    1. Thank you Tracey! I love love love Nesting Dolls, and collected them as a kid! I hope you try this technique out for your self, it's super fun and easy to do! SSS stamps work perfectly for the technique too!

  3. Great technique! I am not a Copic colorer either.

  4. I love this idea! Great card!

  5. everything about this card makes me squeal! love it! :)

  6. Wow I have never seen flip stamping before but what a cool idea.

  7. I have actually done this, just using ink,no paint!

  8. I didn't expect to see Matryoshka in non-Russian blog :) I'm a half-Russian so the whole idea warms my heart :)
    Love how you've decorated it! And flowers are great addition to the doll.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique! Definitely should try it!


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