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Designer Day: Kelley Eubanks

You asked, I listened. You wanted me to feature some guest designers here, so I went in search of blogs where designers with an array of styles and free time would want to share their tips, solutions, style and crafty goodness with you. Once a month, I'll showcase a project from a lovely designer on the blog. Make sure to visit their blogs, and leave some love for them!

Today's designer is a a dear friend, and wonderful desginer, Kelley Eubanks. Kelley's best known for her clean and simple style, which can be found in various publications, and at her blog, My Front Porch. Clean and Simple is a style I try hard to emulate, but I seem to struggle with a tendency to layer a bit too much. So, I will take notes from Kelley and the fantastic project she made exclusively for us.

inspiration source

materials: Background Basics: Super Stripes | Document Wooden Alphabet Stamps

Aren't those eggs so cool? I am very much into black and white right now! I love stripes and numbers... which is why I chose to incorporate those into my card. I will be 36 years old in a couple of weeks so, I decided to make myself a birthday card to share with you. A card-making girl has got to make herself a birthday card, right? 

My card making style has always been clean and simple. This past year my style has become more minimalist than just clean and simple and it is reflected in all areas of my life... not just in my crafting! I will be forever grateful for my time spent in the crafting and blogging world for many reasons. It helped me realize and embrace that being crafty is a part of who I am. It has also helped me to understand what my style is and embrace that as well. 

The card I shared today could be seen as plain or blah or whatever. To me.... it is a design that catches my eye... and that is what is most important. It isn't what other people think about your work that matters. It is important for you (and me) to know what we are drawn to and to enjoy creating. In my experience... when I try to make anything other than what I love... it never works out and I don't enjoy the process!

My card took a total of 5 most... to make! It isn't fancy... it isn't anything but a black and white minimalist design... and I love it! So my lesson for the day... be who you are and design what you love... and be proud of it! :)

Kelley Eubanks. is a stay-at-home mom and wife. She loves crafting, upgrading her home, and redecorating.  She describes her style as evolving into a minimalist approach; slowly but surely. She  enjoys blogging at My Front Porch. Her main passions in life include her boys and most of all, Jesus.

Thanks so much Kelley for sharing your fabulous work with us. I do have to agree with her, sometimes when you're busy making birthday cards for everyone else in your life, you need to make sure one is made for you!

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  1. Post looks great Emily!! Thank you again! Love you!


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