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Get it Together: Paper Crafted Storage Solutions

Okay, so why is that all desire to purge, clean and organize my craft room always occurs in the middle of the night on a wednesday? I don't get it. But, far be it for me to deny my craft room of the annual spring cleaning that it so desperately needs. After hauling out boxes of unused product to be sorted, organized and stored in my classroom storage closet, (or to avoid dealing with the excess craft product), I surveyed the space and discovered a very important truth. How do I organize and store what's left? Simple....use craft products like patterned paper to organize all the teeny little paper-crafting products that don't have a home or tend to get lost in the whirlwind that is our crafting.

SEI's newest release, Mia Bella was made specifically for my craft room. My husband loves maps, globes and all things of the nautical navigation. When we got married he graciously offered (eeehh--mm....was forced) to move his map and navigation decor into our office, which is now our shared craft room/office. I am moving my craft area into the office part of our shared space, so storage solutions need to be appealing and accessible, for which the Mia Bella is perfect for. Mia Bella features some beautiful vintage map paper like Kiss in the Rain and Sightseeing, which will not only store my products, but will also blend perfectly with the map decor on our office shelves.
I decided that I needed some small boxes to hold tiny trinkets, embellishments and bits, that tend to get lost in larger drawers or cubbies. The one and two-drawer boxes are cut files from the silhouette store, and can be sized perfectly for whatever type of storage that you're looking for.
The perfect thing about the Mia Bella collection is that it's elegant, it showcases soft and muted colors that can work with any decor, and that it's full of such beautiful patterns, that you're not going to be able to stop using it, especially once you realize how easy it is to create these miniature storage boxes for your crafting goods.
Since, I like options, I needed two different storage solutions, one for larger SEI embellishments like chipboard pieces, and a smaller two-drawer for little trinkets like brads, buttons and little sundries bits. The boxes stack nicely together, but can also be stored side-by side.
My brads got a new home to live in.
All you'll need to do is download the templates, and cut them with your electronic die cut machine. Make sure to down load two of the drawer templates for the two-drawer template. The file doesn't mention it, but you'll notice that you are only given one base and one drawer when you download the file.
materials: Kiss in the Rain | Sightseeing | one and two-drawer templates

|1|   Fold the drawer at all the perforations on the template.

|2|   Fold the drawer sides over leaves.

|3|   Gather tape, and begin adhere to drawer leaves.

|4|   Secure all drawer sides with double-stick tape.

|5|   Fold in all sides, and secure with tape.

Wasn't that fun and easy? I am definitely a fan of these little drawers, and will be making more!

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  1. How creative you are, even in your organizing--love it! That paper is terrific--my hubby also loves maps & the water(lakes)--may have to get some. Our dining room table is my crafting space & hubby gets one corner--which I often expand into--poor guy! Thanks for sharing, Emily.


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