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Stamping with Erasers & Paper Smooches

I have always been a fan of Kim Hughes! Not only is she an amazing designer, she's super sweet. Her stamp company, Paper Smooches offers incredibly awesome quality clear stamps, with the cutest designs. She also just released great metal dies this past CHA. Paper Smooches hosts a challenge blog; Paper Smooches Sparks, and I decided to finally play along in the Anything Goes challenge that's open until May 5th. As you know, I have serious issues with towing the line, design-wise. I love stepping outside the box, and trying new things, so it'll come as no surprise that I squealed with delight (my husband even heard me upstairs, and wondered aloud what was going on) that the Anything Goes challenge is just that---open to any project, and design, anything you like, as long as you use at least one Paper Smooches stamp. So, with that in mind, I stepped out of the box---just a teeny bit!
I'm a font girl. I love fonts of any sort, whether they're a lovely script, cutesy hand-writing, or clean and simple sans serif, I'm a fan! One of the things I like best about Paper Smooches stamps is Kim's signature hand-writing. It's a mix of fun, whimsical and cute all in one. I wanted to make Kim's font take center stage in the card's design, so I created a set of miniature cards that used erasers as stamps, working perfectly with the stylized Paper Smooches fonts.
Stamping with pencil erasers is super fun and quick and easy to create. You can design your own stamps anyway you like, playing with shapes and lines to develop your own signature stamp! All you need is set of pencils (plain and simple--I got mine at the Dollar Tree) and a craft knife. I should mention that you should get a box of 12 or so, you may mess up and need an extra or three (like me).

Make sure to also grab your favorite Paper Smooches sentiment stamps. I used Sentiment Sampler and Chit Chat; older sets, but perfectly fabulous.
|1| Draw your design on the pencil eraser with a pencil. Color in the parts (positive space) that you're not cutting out.

|2| Grab your craft knife and stand the pencil vertically.

|3| Trim the eraser with your knife as you cut away the parts that are not colored in (negative space). NOTE: Do not trim the eraser down to the metal, or else the eraser will break apart because it's too weak. 


  1. Fantastic! Love the look of the eraser stamps and Paper Smooches does have some fabulous fonts...lovely cards Emily! You have such great ideas! :)

  2. Beautiful cards....Emily!simply adorable.

  3. Oh for crying out loud, Emily! You are in a class by yourself, girl--fabulous, creative cards! Thanks for the instructions.

  4. Haha, Love your hand carved stamps, Emily! You've made Kim's sentiment sets even more fun! The colors make me so happy! Thank you for joining us in the Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wow... Emily, leave it to you to be so creative! Love your cards. So glad you can join & play along with us at PS SPARKS. :)

  6. I am LOVING your Cute cards!! Such a FUN take on the Challenge!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  7. What a clever idea with the pencils! So much fun and I love the cards you made with them! :)

  8. Ummmm - WOW!!! You are amazing :)


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