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Crafty Desktop Organizer with SEI

In the ever expanding goal of organizing my craft space (okay, let's be honest--my desk), I'm always thinking of ways to better store my crafting tools and display little notes to myself about a project or what to buy at the crafting store on my next trick. Once again SEI and a small buy at Target save the day! 

I purchased this adorable desk top caddy that has four spaces to store tools, and then embellished two sides.
I adhered a little cork board to the side and embellished some thumbtacks with papers from The Mia Bella assortment pack. On an opposite side I adhered SEI's chalkboard paper, so I can make little notes to myself, and erase them when need be.
Try and find practical uses for your crafting product. This is chalkboard paper from March's Papercrafting kit. I trimmed it down and added it to the side. Don't forget to add embellishments for added flair!

Materials: Chalkboard Paper | Mia Bella Assortment | Mia Bella Cardstock stickers | Desk Caddy | Push pins | cork

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  1. Wonderful projects, dearie!!! Hope all is well...


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