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Amy Tan + Maya Road

  So, I got my hands on BRAND NEW Amy Tan yumminess from American Crafts. I also took out my extra big Maya Road bottle caps to make portable framed pictures for my precious niece whose shipping off to Afghanistan in about another month. They live in tents on a 13 mile base, and I figured that these would be light weight fun photos of her at my brother's wedding with her sisters, her mom and my mom (her grandmother).

the bottle caps are light weight, perfect for travel

I fussy cut the camera and safety pin from the patterned

.....even better, these two images can be downloaded to my Silhouette!

Cutting the hanger was a tad tricky

Brittany (in yellow) with her sisters, Jessica (left)
and Kaitlyn (right)

See ya soon with more fun projects using Amy Tan and my Silhouette


  1. SUPER duper cute! And these are perfect for your niece....LOVE those papers and your fussy cutting! LOOOOOOVE these! I cannot wait to see what you make with your new machine:) JEALOUS:)

  2. Emily these are such a sweet gift. You're an awesome Aunt. Been "seeing" you around lately. Congrats on all the publishing!!

  3. oooh, I love those extra big Maya road bottlecaps. How fun!

  4. These and your other AC projects below are soooo cute! I haven't played with my Amy Tangerine products yet (there needs to be more hours in the day!) but now I reallllllly want to! What a fun idea to alter bottlecaps!

  5. Hi Emily! Remember me? Karen (BusyBee) from Paper Therapy. I love these bottle caps desgins. So unique and such a thoughtful gift for your niece! Congrats on all your publishings. I've seen your work around and it's as gorgeous as ever. Wishing you tons of continued success.

  6. just found your blog through a random visit to . 2Peas.....I'm loving the circus piece.Love your came as no surprise when I saw you are an art teacher!

  7. Beautiful! Prayers for your niece as she defends our country. My husband has been over in the Middle East for 9 months, (((hugs))).


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