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Amy Tan + My Life

  I seriously can't get enough Amy Tan. I am so in love with her line from American Crafts. I love the paper, the little cameras, typewriter and sewing machine, and ever since I got the Silhouette machine which is sadly, no longer available-I have been downloading all the coordinating die files!! Awe--pure love!

 So, I was thinking about what I love about my life. I realized that much of the things in my life that give me the most pleasure, are the everyday occurrences. And, since this line from Amy Tan celebrates the often overlooked everyday objects that we use (and love), it was perfect!

Daily Love Album
Individual pages are "bound"
with a simple ribbon.

I added some stick pins over tape
inside a fussy-cut frame 

 a "love" themed page calls for silhouette's
and clouds reminiscent of the morning

 I could tuck some trinkets in the
kraft glassine envelope.

I love, love, love blogging in the morning.
I like to see new stuff in my google reader.
But, snail mail goodies also brighten my day.

Super cute foam stamp pop-up's

My little middle schoolers are fun to
chat with. Almost anything makes
them smile, which makes me smile too!

Did I mention that I love baker's twine

Every day after school I come home
and design. It's me time. Sometimes it's
fun to just stick stuff on a page.

A fun little stitched border of paper.

the sewing machine is just too cute

red wine, white wine....who cares!
me loveth the wine.

That cute little tree was cut from the silhouette
American Crafts has some awesome files for Amy Tan's line

Okay, when I say magazine I mean Paper Crafts
or Cards magazine. However, when I'm
done with the mag, I'm in the middle
of the Harry Potter series, which I LOVE

That's it for me!

amy tangerine (american crafts). (stamp, tree, index card, clothes hanger, clothes pin) Silhouette. baker's twine (pink paislee)


  1. Gorgeous album Emily! Amy Tan's line suits you well! :) I love that you didn't need any pictures to document/capture your daily routine and the special moments in it.

  2. I WANNNNNNNNNNNNT Amy Tan papers and supplies! SOOOOO jealous of this fabulous little album! LOVE the layering and the stitching, the painting and the love love;) You did forget to put on your pages that you need to email and skype me! That should be daily.....if not daily, then I would say we should do it weekly. If not weekly, then I would say at least once a month. I can't go any longer without talking to you!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Lots of love;)

  3. Super gorgeous. I love all of the beautiful details. The Amy Tan collection Rocks! Love it. :)

  4. You have such beautiful style and love this album alot!!


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