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Andrew + Crate Paper

     Hey there everyone! I wanted to share a GORGEOUS card that my very artistic nephew made last weekend!! He saw my craft room, and asked me, "What are we going to create today?" I thought to myself, "Dearness me, he is ADORABLE!" So, I pulled out Toy Box from Crate  and let him choose some ribbon, buttons and embellishments. With a little help gluing and cutting, Andrew made this adorable card which he told me he would proudly keep in his room at home!

The amazing little man himself (with my pet Mr Green)!


  1. Yay Andrew!! That's awesome!

  2. OHHHHHH! How cute is your little nephew! I love that he wanted to make a card! And what an amazing card--LOVE his chipboard pieces and that huge button! And I LOVE his drawing! And his pic with Mr. Green---PERFECT! LOVE:)

  3. How AWESOME is that? Andrew got to post a card on his aunt Emilys blog which he is very proud of and adores, and express how happy and proud he is too get too make a card like that. :)

  4. So cool! I love it when my boys create with me. :)


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