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Advocado Arts + Me

I have TERRIFIC news to share. A couple weeks ago I was at work on a wee break, and was checking my email. Out of the blue, I noticed an email from Lisa Hetrick of Avocado Arts, titled "Avocado Arts Design Team" Beyond excited I opened up the email, and was SOOO thrilled to be asked to join the team!

I adore this company, the WONDERFULLY designed stamps. I have SOOO very much wanted to be a part of something really special, and Avocado Arts is it!

If you don't know much about them, Avocado Arts is a clear stamp company that mails out monthly sets that require no commitment other than your desire to work with the best product! Read more about their program here

I can't wait to start sharing all their amazing stamps with you in January of 2012!

Here's the NEW Pit Crew team!

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  1. HOOOOORAY! Welcome to the team:) I know I haven't posted this yet--my post goes live tonight! LOL! I'm a bit late!

    Can't wait to start working with you on the same team again! You are SUPER amazing--SOOOOOOOO talented!! Congrats!


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