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365 Cards + Me

      Hey there everyone! Yesterday I received the amazing new special issue from Paper Crafts, 365 Cards (well, actually 366-it's a leap year!
   There are sooo many FANTASTIC designers in it, and lot's of inspiration. This issue is particularly special to me because it's my first Cover! 
    Make sure to get your copy at your local book or craft store!


  1. HOOOOORAY! I cannot wait to see your cards! I'm sure they are AMAZING:) LOOOOOOVE love love when I see your name in print!

  2. Hi Emily! I just got my copy's the first mag I'm published in! Soooo excited! Congrats on your first Cover! I love your camera card. Happy crafting :)

  3. Congrats Emily again... I am so very happy to see your designs on the cover and am going right now to get a copy and check it out :) Yay!!!

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