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Epiphany Crafts + Gift Wrap Trim

   Hey there everyone! Today I am going to share with you a fun gift wrap trim idea that you can make with your Round 14 tool to add a fresh shabby feel to any gift you give this holiday season.

Gift Wrap Trim
This technique is so unbelievably simple. 
1. Punch circles using your Round 14 tool.
2. Feed the circles into your sewing machine with the presser foot down.
3. After you stitch a circle, let the needle pass through the hole about four times, and then feed the next punched circle!

Wrap around a gift item several times using as a decorative trim.

Come back tomorrow to find out how to use your Round 14 with everyday items in your scrap pile!


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  1. YOU are SOOOOOOOOOOO amazing, Emily! I LOVE this! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that little wrap trim! LOVE the papers--LOVE YOU!


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