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SEI + Baby Nursery Frame and Card

     Hey there friends! I am so excited! Dear friends of my husband and I are having the first baby, a little girl! Earlier this month I shared a matching Baby Invite and Favor Idea and today I am going to share with you a coordinating card and Baby Nursery Gift that I am going to give to the the Mom-to-Be!

Don't be afraid to use household items in your paper-crafting, this frame is perfect, and something I had just lying around.
Tie the two pieces in the set together by using the same patterned paper that's in the card in the Baby nursery decor!

  -To mix more patterned papers together without making the card too busy, punch starburst circles and tuck little patterned paper circles inside.

The word "baby" is creative. I was short one "b" so, I flipped a "d" to make a "b" and covered it with patterned paper so that it worked!


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