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SEI + A Shadow Box

     Hey there everyone!! Oooh, I am so excited to share this fun project with you! As you know it's shadow box day at SEI Lifestyle. When I found this easy to assemble kraft shadow box kit in my box, I knew that I totally wanted to play with it! Plus, I am totally, completely LOVING the new Field Notes collection. I saw it at Winter CHA and couldn't wait to get my hands on it! The colors are so saturated, the prints are super trendy, there's yummy specialty paper like denim and velvet, and I love the sequins, pins and pennants that come in the sundries for this collection

SEI makes the most PERFECT chipboard shadow box. It's pre-scored and has adhesive strips so you can construct it super easily!

The shadow box is nice and deep so you can layer whatever you like! I added some wonderfully soft textured green velvet to soften the diagonal lines from the photo and tags.

Add some twine by poking holes through the sides of the box, knotting at the end on the outside.

These manilla tags come with the sundries and you can "jazz"
them up with paper, sequins and trims.

Thanks for checking out this fun and easy project!

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  1. I enjoyed your 5 for 5 cards and some of you other cards are spectacular!


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