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The Change from Old to New

Lots of changes are in the making for Emily Branch Designs. Yep! That's right, if you hadn't noticed already, the title has changed for my blog. I'll give you a brief list of the updates and changes that I am going through, but first let me share what catapulted the changes that have been occuring since, oh I don't know--CHA!

Even before CHA, I had some crafty goals in mind for 2013. One goal was to provide video content for my readers of tutorials, tips and techniques. The other goal was to increase my readership. But, lets be honest--everyone wants to increase their readership, but few no how! Increasing your readership is one of those goals that is often not definitive, too vague and sadly,  a goal that most people have, but don't have a clue how to obtain. As I stepped back and looked at my two goals, I became dejected. Why go through so much work to create a video series, if I couldn't get the word out to people that I was hosting it because my readership and subscribers were not where I wanted the numbers to be?

So, In steps Amber Kemp-Gerstel. I met Amber in person at CHA. She is a firecracker of fun and wealth of knowledge. Over the past year, she had branding herself with much success. She graciously provided me with tips and directed me to resources that I have been devouring over the past three weeks. 

In the past three weeks I have learned concepts like branding, editorial content, social media tips, SEO's and all the makings of how to effectlively grow your readership, to become a brand that your readers can learn and be inspired from. A brand that offers quality content and a brand that's different from the others.

Wow, that's saying a lot! So, to put it simply, with this new-found knowledge, I am "putting it into action" (as Amber would say), and making some much needed changes to my site and my content.  So, let me give you a sneak peak into what you as a reader can expect to find at Emily Branch Designs.

Emily Branch Designs is the new name of this blog, and the website. But, don't fret- a new name doesn't mean it's not the same me! I will continue to provide you ideas and projects that are fresh, trendy and stylish, but I will also aim to be more authentic with you, my audience, connecting with you as I would my own friends and family (minus, the family drama)

 Things are looking a little different, eh? I do hope you like the updates. My wonderful web designer at Smitten Blog Design worked with me to streamline the look and functionality of this site. There are new features in my menu bar, including tutorials and custom samplers; a new service that I'll be offering. 

Want to learn more about these two new features? Well, then make sure to subscribe to my brand sparklin' new newsletter!! The newsletter will introduce you to the new features of this site, and provide you with exclusive content that you won't be able to get simply by visiting. You can sign up by typing in your email to the left of this post, and that's it! The first newsletter is going out soon, so don't delay or you may miss it.

 Post dumps (as I like to call them) are a thing of the past! No longer will they dominate this site. When you come to Emily Branch Designs, you'll now find content that will show you two things: inspiration and how-to do it. Post dumps don't engage me with you, the reader. Post dumps just show two things: something I made and where you can buy the materials. What's the point of that? You're smart, you could do that on your own. No more! The post dumps stop here.

 Probably the best feature of this blog, by far! You're excited for this one, aren't you? What do I have up my sleeve, you wonder? I have teased you a little bit on my facebook page for Emily Branch Designs with "play along" questions designed to engage and converse with you, but you're still a little in the dark of all the cool things that I'm pulling out of my sleeve. I've been developing content that I know I would love to read, content that you're not going to find everywhere. Content where YOU can have a say and be a part of it. 

Want to learn more about the fun new featured content? Well, then subscribe to my newsletter by providing your email in the follow by email box to the left of this post! I am so excited to share with you the goodies that I have been thinking up, that will inspire you and teach you how to not only create, but also  how to improve your branding as well. 


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    1. Thank you Miriam! I'm liking how it can out too!

  2. I'm a new follower, so I'm not sure what your site/blog were like before, but I really like what you've got going on now! I look forward to following along with you...sounds exciting! :)

    1. Cheryl! So happy that you've joined along! You won't be dissaponted!


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