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Welcome to the Stationery Show

Hello! Every month Emily Branch Designs will develop content that will focus on a theme or motif that's trendy, or branches out of the typical paper crafting boringness. For this month's theme, I will focus on stationery. From envelopes and stamps to postcards and seals, this month's content will show you how to incorporate stationery products into your paper crafting. 

I love love love stationery. From the pretty patterns of a vintage stamp, to the delicate loveliness of doilies and laced paper, stationery is a pretty product that makes me happy. I think I first became interested in stationery as pre-teen. I liked to collect pretty greeting cards and coordinating envelopes. Going to the Hallmark Crown store was so fun for me because I could peruse the aisles, pulling cards out-touching them, reading them, and admiring them. As a teen, I remember the first card-making kit that I received. My mom, who's my biggest fan, bought me a kit full of pretty cardstock, patterned paper, a template for envelope-making and instructions. Oh boy, was I in  love! I would pull the box out after dinner and lay out all the supplies on the kitchen table and craft while my mom, dad and I watched T.V. Sometimes, I would give the cards away, but I think most of the time, I would make a tiny little envelope with the template, a card to match it, and then I tucked both away keeping them for myself.

So, to honor the products that began my love of paper-crafitng, I bring you "The Stationery Show." Featured projects will incorporate stationery in fun and creative ways, to beautify your decor and make sending cards even prettier.

My favorite stationery item are envelopes. What's your favorite stationery item?


  1. Post-it notes! That way I can't ramble on!

    1. Post-it Notes are a truly genius solution to anything! Great for stamping and to do lists! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. Definitely envelope liners. I love an envelope that matches the card inside.


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