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Transparent Votive Wraps

Okay, I am not someone who should ever be allowed near fires, candles or flames of any sort. Not only am I horrible at lighting birthday cake candles, I'm super clumsy. So, the fear of dropping said candle on the floor, and burning down the house plagues my mind at events where birthday cakes are present. Luckily, our fireplace operates with the flick of a switch, and all the candles in the house are decorative, or lit by my husband (who makes sure I'm never operating a lighter). 

But, today's project doesn't require anything that would cause the kind of damage that I'd have to report to my insurance company. Today's project features the lively and colorful newest spring collection from SEI, Diane. This collection has it all--a lovely watercolor look, bright pastel colors, springtime flowers, and best of all, it's perfectly suited for transparent votive wraps.
The transparent votive wraps are made from patterned paper found in the Diane assortment and 6" x 6" paper pad. I think these are going to look so beautiful when they're lit and the soft flame of the candle is glowing through the overlay.

Try using SEI's foil patterned paper when making the votive wraps. I noticed that the foiled paper took the best to this technique, shining through in such a perfect manner. New to this technique? Visit my post here for a tutorial.
Don't forget to package up your beautiful votives in a wrapped gift box for the recipient. The box wrap features Diane's lovely die cut accent tags mixed with the soft and glittery cardstock stickers. I loved how the bright lavender, chartreuse and orange work so perfectly with the pinks found in the collection!

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